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your on-device environment

  • Use the language of your choice
  • Use the libraries and packages you need
  • Choose your base distribution
  • Take control of networking


your devices easily

  • Assign a unique ID for each device, accessible from your code
  • Self-configuring devices: simply write the image and power up
  • Support for preconfigured wifi credentials


your fleet at scale

  • Reach your devices anywhere
  • Set environment variables for your devices
  • See the logs & IP of each device
  • Give your devices unique URLs so they are web-accessible
  • Name and keep notes for each device


your device fleet from your own cloud

  • All of resin.io from the command line
  • Javascript SDK for managing fleets
  • OData compatible JSON API


out of the box

  • Encrypted communication between resin.io and devices
  • Future proof your product with continuous updates
  • Two-factor authentication for dashboard access