Modern development and deployment workflow for the Internet of Things

Update Your Linux Device Fleet Over The Air


Easy to Start. Ready to Scale.

Add your first device in less than 10 minutes, start coding instantly, add more devices as you grow your project. Keep delivering updates even after deployment in the wild.

  2. 3 power up device
  3. 2 write image

What is for?

If you're connecting Linux devices is for you.

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No unnecessary complexity

Intuitive Dashboard

See the status of your devices in a glance.

Console From The Cloud

Test commands on your devices straight from our web interface.

Compilation in the Cloud

Push your project and will compile its code and dependencies for your device's architecture and send the result to your device(s). No more cross-compilation toolchains to set up!

supported project types

Security Out of the Box

With new vulnerabilities discovered every day, you can't secure what you can't update. helps you future-proof your Internet of Things products.

Constant Updates

Stay secure & up-to-date with fast updates delivered to your devices

Encrypted Communication

All communication between your device and is encrypted

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Revokable API Keys

Per-device, revokable API keys in case of device theft

Supported Devices

We're adding more devices faster than you can say "git push resin master"


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Case Studies

How Pact Coffee uses Raspberry Pis to ship up to 4k coffee packs a day

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Pricing Plans

Your first five devices are free, then we charge a monthly amount per device. Pick a plan below that works for you and our team will be in touch shortly to get you set up.

Below are the standard plans. If you have questions, contact us at

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