What is resin.io for?

When it comes to connecting Linux devices, resin.io can help. Here’s some real-world examples:

Connected Home

Smart locks, home hubs, or local gateways for swarms of sensors, are all becoming Linux devices. Having end-users return devices for update or visiting their homes is a non-starter. As such, the power to seamlessly update the devices and keep delivering an up-to date experience allows products to evolve fast and lean, even after having considerable installed bases.

Manufacturing & Logistics

From manufacturing lines, to keeping track of expensive equipment, industrial players small and large are waking up to the potential of the Industrial Internet. The volume of data and unpredictability of day-to-day operation requires that the devices are autonomous, and their programming evolves as fast as the understanding of the problem at hand. Provisioning devices quickly and without hassle and having real-time status information is invaluable.

Marketing & Retail

Digital signage, Point of service systems, Interactive kiosks, and much more have been built on embedded Linux for a long time now. Resin.io streamlines management of swarms of devices that are hard to reach physically, while enabling use of best-of-breed technologies such as HTML5, Bluetooth LE. Build compelling experiences and stay ahead of the competition with resin.io.

Anything else you can think of...

From drone fleets to healthcare, wearables to smart cities, the exciting thing about the Internet of Things is that use cases are everywhere and not all of them fit in pre-made categories. If you’re connecting Linux devices and need to keep them updated and secure at scale without lifting the world on your shoulders, resin.io is for you.

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