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This is the best place to look for an answer to your question. If the forums don’t already have what you’re looking for, post your question in the Troubleshooting section - our developers dedicate hours every day to answering your questions.

Documentation Learn

Getting started guides, how-tos for advanced features and examples.


Most frequently asked questions, troubleshooting guides and error notifications.


Device API, SDK and base image docs.


Dig right into the readme and issues: resin-cli, resin-sdk, resin-sdk-python, resin-base-images, etcher .

Private support

If your project requires priority support, stealth mode, quick responses, and team-wide ticket visibility, you can upgrade to a support package with direct access to our engineers.

Standard support users: Access private support by logging into the dashboard.

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Production support users: Access your support portal.

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Paid plans include private support
with our engineers.

You can add a plan with faster and guaranteed response times.



Community Forums


Included with Prototype and Pilot Plans

Access to private support with engineers

Best effort response times


Included with Production plans

Access to private support with engineers

Higher priority in support queue

1 hr response time SLA


Contact Us

Options include:

Dedicated account management

24/7 support

Personalized onboarding

Account reviews

Live event support

Our Support Philosophy

We think that most support conversations should happen out in the open. This is why we are creating a shared knowledge base with our users in the forums. The forums also enable our users to help one another without needing to rely on the team.

We believe in the power of support-driven development. The best support we can give you comes directly from the developers who build and maintain Each support inquiry is treated as an opportunity for us to learn and improve our product, documentation, and user experience. The feedback and feature requests we hear from you directly inform our roadmap.