SENSE: industrial roof monitoring with resin.io

SENSE Monitoring helps companies track conditions on the flat roofs of steel frame buildings such as warehouses, factories, and large retail facilities. Their IoT product keeps building owners and facility managers informed about the health of critical roof infrastructure and indicates when a structure might need preventive maintenance.

S-One, SENSE’s measuring system and accompanying app, are used by companies like Woodward, a large industrial company that designs and manufactures control solutions for the aerospace and energy markets. Woodward has installed S-One sensors across their factory in Poland.

After coming across resin.io and reading about how it could help them remotely manage code on their fleet of devices, the SENSE team knew they had to give it a try. Przemysław Gałązka, CEO at SENSE, says that the team had a great first experience - resin “worked like a charm.” Now SENSE runs resin.io on devices across many customer deployments.

The biggest benefit to the team has been the ability to separate the management of their software from the complexity of managing their hardware. With resin.io, they can easily deploy software updates to their entire fleet, without needing to physically interact with their hardware, which are installed in difficult-to-reach places on their customer's roofs.

Through working with resin.io, SENSE can offer their customers a solution that continually improves as they develop and deploy new features. Przemysław explains that resin.io helps SENSE get these new features to production quickly and without friction, so they can focus on improving their application, not on their software delivery mechanism.

“We just love the workflow,” says Przemysław. With a simple git push, their application is immediately built and deployed to their entire fleet, with no additional work required on their part.

The SENSE team plans to continue deploying their device fleet with resin.io - and using resin makes these deployments much easier. “We aim to deploy at least 1,000 units to production this year across Europe and the US," says Przemysław. “That should not be a problem with the resin.io platform.”

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