Manage a fleet of drones

with, AWS IoT, & NodeJS This article was authored by Excelion Partners, a tech consulting firm located in Wisconsin that specializes in full-stack, globally scalable IoT solutions. Project source code and additional files available on GitHub. Fleet management concerns, such as securing, updating, and controlling a multitude of

30MHz: real-time environment monitoring with

Use Cases: Industrial; Environment Monitoring Headquarters: Amsterdam From pepper growers to port operators, 30MHz enables businesses to be more productive by monitoring their environments in real time. They provide a full suite of tools for industrial companies to gather metrics from across the physical world and turn them into action.

The status and future of open source

It's been a while since we promised to open source enough of so that, if you’re willing to do the work, you can run a fleet without our assistance or permission. A lot of progress has been made in this direction, and we have a clear plan

Petrolog: remotely managing oil wells with

Use Case: Oil & Gas Headquarters: Houston, TX Petrolog provides IoT solutions for oil well automation and remote monitoring, helping operators increase production and reduce operating costs. Petrolog’s main product is a POC (pump off condition) controller. The controller detects when a well enters pump off condition, which occurs when

Resin-in-resin: how to make a literal "embedded" device

This project is also on Hackaday! does a lot of cool stuff. But if you had to say what we do in one sentence, it's this: " enables you to safely deploy and manage fleets of embedded devices that you might not have physical access to." I'm

Etcher 1.0 is here!

After completing over a million writes, Etcher exits beta with 1.0 release and new CLI edition Today, Etcher graduates from beta and reaches a big milestone: an official 1.0.0 release! Since we first released Etcher as an open source tool for writing images across platforms, it’s