OpenROV: deploying Docker containers to underwater drones with

You've probably seen robots and drones on land and in the air, but have you ever seen one under water? OpenROV is creating low cost, highly capable drones that enable anybody to explore the underwater world. After four years of designing and testing, OpenROV is now taking pre-orders for their

UP board comes to

We’re very excited to announce that now supports the UP board! The UP board is a community-funded board designed for ‘professional makers’ who need a reliable, high-performing device to build and grow their projects. The UP board is x86-based with a Raspberry Pi compatible 40-pin connector. You

Spring IoT Hackathon Recap

We hosted our first hackathon in a long while at Campus London last weekend, with the theme of "Multi-Device Internet of Things". It was a very fruitful, long day with more than 40 people hacking on projects across about a dozen teams. Since most of the participants weren't familiar with

We're at Embedded World this week!

Come see us at Embedded World in Nuremberg this week! We're excited to be demoing with a couple of partners and announcing support for some new boards. You can find us: With the UP board team at the AAEON booth (Hall 1-310). Keep an eye out for a

ElectronJS with Raspberry Pi Made Easy As Pie

As we often point out at meetups and talks, the origins of go back to digital signage applications. We've since been focused on improving remote device deployment and management for all types of applications, but have only recently revisited the digital signage use case. Carlo, who is very

The Future of Etcher

Etcher recently reached 2000 stars on github, and we’d like to take the opportunity to share our plans for the future with the rapidly growing community of users. In the last year, we’ve seen hundreds of blog posts and videos about Etcher in dozens of languages, and many