The Evolution of the Beast Continues

TLDR: the Beast is a single board computer cluster designed as a testing and demo rig for We built Beast v1, with 120 Raspberry Pis, back in 2014 and started working on the next iteration, Beast v2, with 144 Raspberry Pis, about a year later. Now we're designing

Open Source Guide #1: Documentation and JSDoc

This is the first post in a series on best practices and tools for open-sourcing a project, based on our experience with Etcher and other such projects. We'll be covering topics including documentation, code quality, community building, error tracking, and so forth. Let us know if there is anything you

Wifi, Wifi Everywhere!

Has this ever happened to you? You have a application deployed on a device, which you bring with you to another location, but then have trouble updating the wifi network config to connect? We've created resin-wifi-connect to solve this practical issue. In a nutshell this application brings up

Safely Migrating Away From "prepublish" with npm 4

The prepublish script in npm has been contentious for quite some time, and in npm 4 it's finally been deprecated, in the first step on the long road to a real fix. If you're currently using prepublish to ensure certain tasks get run before publish though, actually putting this into

Tick-Tock, Says the System Clock

Recently we have had a couple of in-depth conversations with users about how exactly is the system time managed on a device. It all boils down to using systemd for time management and interacting with the time service over dbus messaging. Time Synchronization When the device

Use the API, Luke!

The thing about platforms is that everyone wants to use them in their own way. No matter how many features are built in, there will always be people who need something that isn't there or works differently from the defaults. This is why at we have an API