Cellular connectivity with resinOS 2.0, 3G dongles, and SORACOM SIM cards

The following is a guest post by Alexis Susset of SORACOM, an IoT communications platform. Today we are setting up resin.io devices with a SORACOM SIM card and our preferred enterprise 3G Dongle, the Huawei MS2131. With this setup complete, we'll be able to ship out devices that work

Resin SDK v6 released: OS metadata, browser support, custom locations and more

The resin SDK provides a familiar and well-documented wrapper around the resin.io API, allowing you to automate your fleet's operations from JavaScript. It's a great way to coordinate and connect your fleet's behavior to external API's in just a few lines of code. We're very excited to announce a

resinOS 2.0 released in production

As many of you know, we released resinOS 2.0 as a standalone open source operating system last fall, with new features designed to improve reliability and performance. We kept resinOS 1.x as the recommended version within the resin.io dashboard as we worked to get 2.0 fully

The Raspberry Pi and other SBCs are the IBM PCs of our time. From educational project to industry disruptor.

It surprises some to learn that the Raspberry Pi has sold more than 10 million units, becoming the third most popular general purpose computing platform, surpassing the Commodore64, and trailing only, as expected, the Mac and the PC. Some might take offense at the particular slicing and dicing required to

Advanced Device Provisioning Workflow for Large Fleets: Preloading and Pre-provisioning

Let's imagine you have a factory where you are creating resin.io-enabled devices that need to function when they first boot up. Maybe your devices have to function even before they are able to connect to the Internet and download software. Or perhaps you are sending out SD cards for

OpenROV: deploying Docker containers to underwater drones with resin.io

You've probably seen robots and drones on land and in the air, but have you ever seen one under water? OpenROV is creating low cost, highly capable drones that enable anybody to explore the underwater world. After four years of designing and testing, OpenROV is now taking pre-orders for their